At D.C. Hospital we provide a comprehensive care for various gynecological problems. Our aim is to provide the latest clinical cure to our patients. We provide a rapid and efficient access to treatment to the patients. We provide the following services.

  1. Adolescent Gynaecology.
  2. Family planning services.
  3. Ovarian cysts.
  4. Fibroids and Endometriosis.
  5. Menopause clinic.
  6. Gynecological infections.
  7. Infertility mamagement.
  8. Gynecological operations- Laproscopic surgeries, hysteroscopy and open gynne surgeries

Maternity services

Pregnancy is a special and crucial period for any women. It is a phase of immemse joy and anxiety for the pregnant lady. We have an entire range of srevices for you ranging from planning your pregnancy and beyound.

Our services include

  1. Preconceptional counselling- we help you to plan your pregnancy
  2. Comprehensive Antenatal care – is the systemic medical care of the pregnant woman and foetus to ensure overall health and to rule out the possibility of any probable complication. You may need to visit your doctor at least 8-9 times during the course of your pregnancy of which the first would be the longest.
  3. Management of labour and delivery- Throughout labour and delivery your physical and emotional well-being is regularly assessed. This implies measuring of temperature, pulse and blood pressure, checking fluid intake and urine output, assessing pain and need of support and continous monitoring of the fetal condition. This monitoring is maintained until the conclusion of the birthing process. A pediatrician or a neonatologist takes care of the infant after birth.
  4. Postpartum care- We take care provide emotional support to the patient help her in overcoming the depression, anxiety and the post traumatic stress after birth.