We offer a wide range of services ranging from screening and risk assessment to diagnosis and treatment for early, advanced breast cancer.

We also offer complete breast care for pregnant and lactating women including teaching normal breast feeding We provide:

  1. Self breast examination- this is a primary requirement for all women starting as early as at the age of 20 years
  2. Benign ( non cancerous ) breast conditions- these include mastalgia (beast pain), abcess, fibrocystic breast disease, mastitis, exzema , nipple discharge and papilloma. Fibrocystic disease requires conservative treatment and lumps require surgical removal.
  3. Breast Cancer- breast cancer is on the rise both globally and in India both inthe younger and the older age group. We counsel the patient for the treatment options according the the stage of the disease. We offer:
    1. BCS- conservative breast surgery
    2. MRM- modified radical mastectomy.